Williams, Allie Mae Penn (Mrs. Nathaniel)


May 8, 1917 - January 1, 1987
January 1, 1987 was of special importance to all who knew Allie Mae Penn Williams because that was the time she closed her record books and gave herself completely to the God who had made her and whom she had so faithfully served long and well.
Characterized by an energetic, intelligent warmth, this child of Eagle Lake, Texas, born to Henry L. Penn and Elizabeth Glover on May 8, 1917, grew to maturity and went on to pursue a career in the field of public health. Her academic credentials included Columbia University, Master of Social Work (IJSIJ) and Catholic University of America, intensive post-graduate studies.
Prepared as she was in this field, Xavier, Dillard, Southern and Tulane universities reached out to her for help in their health programs. As a registered nurse, she served the City of New Orleans as Nursing Supervisor and Community Health Consultant for many years.
She served on many boards and agencies based in New Orleans and beyond, such as the Mayor’s Task Force on Human Services, the City of New Orleans Health Systems, the Task Force on Aging, the American Lung Association, the White House Conference on Aging and other related areas both locally arid on the national scene.
Throughout all this varied activity, Allie Mae still gave of herself to established groups such as the YWCA where her leadership was sought after and appreciated. But it was The United Methodist Church that seemed to have brought the broadest smiles to her face. Whether it was at the Conference level, the District or at the local church, Allie Mae was there, always at the side of her husband, businessman turned clergyman, in the work of the Lord. The local churches where she served with “Nat” were always the beneficiary of her intelligent leadership, warmth of dedication and her witness to the fact that “God Is good; and His mercies endure forever.”
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference 1987, p. 331-332; By Robert F. Harrington

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