Risinger, Marie Belle (Mrs. Donald)


Marie was born June 30, 1916, to Raymond Lamar Clemons and Ava Maria (Doak) Clemons. She graduated from Oenaville and Temple High Schools and from Temple Junior College.
It was in the Oenaville M. E. Church South that she met Donald (Don) Risinger on his first appointment in May 1935. They were married on December 30, 1937. To this union were born two daughters, Bessie Ruth (Rice) and Dorothy Ann (Gremillion) and one son, Donald Monroe, Jr.
On October 17, 1987, Marie “met the Master face-to-face.” Years before she had said, “Yes Lord” and she remained faithful to that promise. Marie had an even temper, a deep love and devotion for her husband, and a full commitment to Christ. She was a wonderful and faithful wife and homemaker and mother. She loved the church and its ministry with a great passion. One day many years after marriage when she knew the demands and problems a preacher’s wife faces, Marie said “The Lord called me to this ministry as a preacher’s wife and more especially as your wife, Don.”
Marie served with Don in one Texas appointment and ten in Louisiana. She served as a Sunday School Teacher, Choir Member, Song Leader, Pianist, VCS Leader, UMW work-local & District, taught Mission Studies, did Church Secretarial, as well as Secretary In the Conference Office, she became so involved in the life of the church that Don said “the only way to get relief from all these jobs is to move or for you to get pregnant.”
In June 1987, Marie was in such pain that she had to sit to teach as she led the study on suffering entitled “Alleluia Anyhow.”
Marie had a rich heritage of Methodist Preachers and lived up to it all the way, as testified by a host who tell of her influence in their lives. She had great fulfillment in the lives of her children and grandchildren. Marie gave a wonderful testimony of her faith through her final illness and will ever be a living inspiration to all who knew her. Surely the Lord will say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”
Her body was laid to rest in the Squyres United Methodist Church yard where they started a new Cemetery with her grave and named it “Squyres Church, Risinger Memorial Park.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1988, p.192-193………By Donald N. Risinger

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