Hurd, Esther (Mrs. Benjamin)


Esther Hurd, born Esther Bernard on November 9, 1910, was one of three children born to Louis and Betty Willis Bernard in New Iberia, Louisiana. Someone wrote that “One generation succeeds another, as wave follows wave.” As we mourn the passing of a good Christian soldier, there remains another generation to succeed her, to follow the prints she has made upon the sands of time.
Receiving her education in the public schools of Iberia Parish, and her college degree from Leland College, she returned to Iberia Parish where she became a public school teacher. A good Christian woman who loved her church and people as a whole, met and married Reverend Benjamin J. Hurd, a United Methodist minister, and together they carried the banner high in the name of our Lord and Savior, winning souls for the Master.
One could not wish to leave behind imprints in the sands of time such as Esther has left, imprints of an abiding joy in serving and being of service. Her love for her church, the community and her philosophy can be summed up in the words of Roy Z. Kemp.
“The tiny crumb of joy and happiness
That we may scatter all along our way,
May seem quite insignificant to us,
But we may bring a bright end golden ray
Into the lives of some unfortunate,
Unhappy souls who trod hard weary roads;
Each little crumb may be a lavish feast,
Give sustenance to lighten heavy loads.
One crumb may be a gentle, friendly smile;
Another, just a letter to a friend;
A tiny kindness to a little child;
A helping hand to one who has reached the end.
Such little things that may not stay in mind
For very long, may be great things, indeed.
God, grant that we retain the wisdom to
Give aid and succor to someone in need.
Funeral services were held November 2, 1987, at St. James Church in New Iberia, Rev. Howard L. Milo, officiated. Members of the Iberia Ministerial Federation assisted. Her survivors are: a sister, a brother-in- law, a sister-in-law, nieces and nephews.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1988, p.188-189……..By Howard L. Milo

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