Brown, Robert Nelson


The Reverend Robert Nelson Brown was a faithful servant of the Lord. He was happy and fulfilled in the role of United Methodist pastor. Hartzell and Ray Avenue Churches were responding enthusiastically and lovingly to his ministry. During his seven years serving the Angie Circuit, Wesley Ray Church built a beautiful sanctuary, and both Mary’s Chapel and Live Oak made significant progress.
Robert’s wife, Glory, has not only been a devoted wife but also his closest friend and confidant. They found many opportunities to do things together, and Glory was a great source of strength and encouragement.
One of my first conversations with Robert Brown was about the church’s ministry to children. He had a strong interest in children and youth. He enjoyed sitting with the children on Sunday morning and sharing with them the Bible stories. He cared for his grandchildren with the loving heart of a doting grandfather. They returned his love as well in ways obvious to all.
Robert Brown lived a victorious and courageous life born out of his faith. He left a rich legacy to his loved ones and many friends; the legacy of a loving, generous and triumphant life.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1988, p.183...............By Stone W. Caraway

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