Pomeroy, Webb D.


“Biblical faith holds that Christ frees us for. . . more
possibilities for brotherhood, peace, security, love,
truth, the preservation of our world in this faith, than
in any other understanding... Biblical faith adds
the dimension of meaning, value, and joy.”
Webb Pomeroy: “Biblical Faith in a Living Universe.”

Those nine nouns, clear from “brotherhood” to “joy,” characterize not only Webb Pomeroy’s belief, but his actual being-in-the-world: he lived it! He was born on October 3, 1923; he died on July 15, 1989. In between was a truly great life - including a beautiful marriage to Juanita, of thirty-nine years; and their parenthood of four admirable children: Deborah, Leah, Allen and Mark.
He enrolled in Centenary in 1940 - when, he said, “Centenary was not much on buildings, but the teachers were giants.” In his sophomore year, he committed himself to ordination, and ministry as one of those “giants.” Following his M.Div. degree at Union (Theological Seminary), he took an excellent Ph.D. at (the University of) Edinburgh : then he was ready for thirty-six years of superlative teaching at Centenary.
He received innumerable accolades, including installation as the first T. L. James Professor of Religion. He was the epitome of the Christian professor: one who “professes,” yet in the maieutic style - enabling students to discover “for themselves” the truth that sets them free.
Many of his students have themselves gone on to become outstanding teachers: in that sense, he was a “teacher’s teacher.” And in a faculty which in the main had served together for decades, is superbly professional and multi-talented, he was the one revered by all his colleagues.
And personally, I recall that time and again, though his field was my own, I would seek him out as mentor--as my teacher, and certainly, as dear friend.
“He was a man, take him for all in all. I shall not look upon his like again.”
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1990; p. 230…………..By Donald A. Webb

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