Franklin, Janie L. (Mrs. Clifford E.)


There must be many kinds of spouses for many kinds of ministers, but they must all share in certain basic gifts. They must believe in the ministry to which their husbands have been called. They must be willing to share in that ministry. And they must know, in a very real sense, what it means to actually serve in ministry at his side.
Janie Johnson Franklin knew these ground rules very well. From childhood she knew what it meant to be Christian and to live a witnessing life. So when she married the Reverend Clifford L. Franklin, it was easy for her to join with him in doing the Lord’s work.
Reverend Franklin passed away in 1969 while they were serving in Donaldsonville. That was the last place they served in ministry together and may have been their happiest.
Mrs. Franklin was ill for the time I served as her pastor at Thomas Church, Kenner. Whether my visit was with her in hospitals or in her home, she radiated that inner spirit which said to all that she was a child of the King.
And so it was that Janie Johnson Franklin, who had been born in Clinton, Louisiana, May 30, 1900, passed away in Kenner, Louisiana on Thursday, November 9, 1989. We thank the God of all Creation for this life, which He gave to us for a while and then received it back unto Himself. Amen.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1990; p. 222…………By Robert F. Harrington

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