Lester, Emma Ruth Kennedy (Mrs. Lee A.)


When Samuel F. B. Morse in 1838 sent the first message by Morse Code from Baltimore to Washington, D.C, he was so impressed with his own ascomplishment until he stepped back from it, giving God the credit as he exclaimed, in a quote from Numbers 23:23, “what hath God wrought!”
It is with this same profound sense of amazement that registers when God takes dust of the ground and creates someone in his own image like Emma Ruth Lester with all her talent and high sense of dedication--a staunch wife of a United Methodist minister and a devoted mother of four children, namely Gloria Lester-Hygh, Carver Lester, Marian Lester Brown and Charles Lester.
A very talented person in her own right--educator, professional seamstress, accomplished platform speaker, vocalist and guitarist--she shared these gifts with her husband’s parishioners in the Lake Charles circuit, the Charenton and Trinity churches and the Godman School of Sagar-Brown at Baldwin and later with the Winn and Hayes churches of Franklinton.
After graduation from high school in Arkansas, she continued her education at the Dunbar Vocational School in Home Economics in Little Rock followed by the aquisition of a B.A. degree in Elementary Education at Southern University, Baton Rouge and yet further studies in early childhood education at the University of Mississippi. These studies and attendant experience enabled her to become Director of the Sophia Sutton Development Center in Prentis, Mississippi and later, Director of the Graduate Equivalency Diploma Program (GED) for the state of Mississippi.
Armed with these important credentials and coupled with her deep spiritual dedication to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Emma Lester led the membership of the Hayes Chapel Church near Franklinton in significant Christian nurturing programs culminating in the erection of a new brick edifice during her late husband’s illness in 1962 -1964.
While leaving behind four children, all of whom follow in the Christian service tradition of their parents, and many other family members including grand children, her life’s odyssey came to an end on Monday, September 30, 1991. It was at that time that her Lord received her to himself as he had done her late husband, the Reverend Lee Andrew Lester on Easter Sunday, April 13, 1964.
Thank God, they both live with Him who is Alpha and Omega. Amen
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference 1992, p. 223 By Robert F. Harrington

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