Lankford, Dorothy G. (Mrs. Frank C.)


Mother was born on June 22, 1912 in Illinois. She was the younger of two daughters. As a small child growing up, she would stand in the window and cry until someone took her to church on Sundays. She moved to little Rock, Arkansas when she was 13. This move came about after her father’s untimely death. It was in Little Rock that she met Frank C. Lankford. Mother was a promising artist whose creative works were displayed occasionally in MacArthur Park. After their marriage, my parents moved to Louisiana. This was to become their home for the remainder of their lives. Along with Dad, Mother accepted the call into a life of ministry. This ministry, for the most part, took place in the southern part of Louisiana. A devoted wife and mother, she spent the vast majority of her life giving of herself to others. In addition to a supportive and charitable life in the ministry, Mother found time to be extremely active in Civil Defense during World War II and in the PTA during the growing years of both of her surviving children. (Tragedy darkened her life, resulting in the loss of three children. Thus, George and I are the only two of five who survived.) Although the ministry kept my parents on the move, Mother maintained her membership in the Order of the Eastern Star in Monroe, Louisiana. In addition to her children, Mother is survived by four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.
It was Mother’s last request that she be buried in a manner similar to that in which she lived. She never wanted recognition or praise for what she did for others. She never liked to have a “big fuss” made over her. Her funeral was a simple gravesite committal. Like Dad, her passing was quiet and uneventful, but her works will live on forever in the lives she touched. She will be greatly missed.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1991, p. 243 By Dorothy Lynn Lankford Sullivan

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