Stegall, Armadie Snow (Mrs. William G.)


Mrs. Armadie Stegall was born January 25, 1910, in Blanchard, Oklahoma. In 1929 she married William G. “Bill” Stegall, who later became a minister in the United Methodist Church. To this union were born six children, four girls and two boys: Norma, Patsy, Mary, Virginia, Richard and Billy.
Being of pioneer background, Mrs. Stegall knew how to take a small amount and stretch it to feed her entire family. She knew how to take a small amount of love and encircle her own family and still have enough love left over to reach all her friends and acquaintances. She could take a small faith and make it big enough to encircle her family, her church, and her community.
Mrs. Stegall was always an active part of Brother Stegall’s ministry. She felt it was an honor to be a minister’s wife, and she went willingly to every new appointment. If there was not an active Women’s group in the new charge, she immediately began working to organize one. If there was not a pianist, she would play the piano for church services until someone else came along.
She made visitors to the parsonage feel at home. She made visitors to the church feel welcome. She was a gracious hostess, an excellent cook, and an immaculate housekeeper. She loved her husband, her family, her church, her friends, but she loved her Blessed Lord even more.
After sixty-one years of marriage, she is now temporarily separated by death from Brother Stegall, but she is waiting in heaven for him to come home.
Space will not permit me to list the good things I remember about Mrs. Stegall, but I remember her most of all for her faithfulness, and I thank God for her memory.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1990; p. 233………………By Abe M. Conerly

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