Squyres, Bertha (Mrs. Rex)


Life in the physical realm for Bertha Squyres began on the event of her birth August 15, 1910 at Pineville and spanned the years till May 18, 1990 when she died in Kinder, Louisiana. While those dates are important and shall surely be remembered by family and friends, they are far from descriptive of her life. When we celebrated her transformation from life to life eternal it was appropriate to recall the words of the Psalmist, “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.”
Bertha was the beloved wife of Reverend Dr. Rex Squyres over a period of 63 years. Rex was not a minister at the time of their marriage but when the decision was made to respond to God’s call to ministry, Bertha became a strong and positive influence in a journey that brought them multitudinous joy. It was a significant change in her life when their course led them to Methodist parsonages and a belated college education for Rex. She was a source of encouragement, counsel, and nurturing love across the years of their ministry.
Her own strong faith in God gave her strength of character, a will to live and do all the good she could, and the wisdom to be a guiding influence to their children. Two sons and seven daughters were blessed by her parental love, her undergirding with high moral and ethical values, her teaching by word and life of the truths of Holy Scripture.
Bertha had an extended family in her claim and influence upon the lives of three ministers in this Conference who held a very special relationship as “her boys.” As student preachers from Centenary in small membership rural churches they received her counsel, guidance, and patience. Today they honor her name for all she meant to them across the years.
We know that she is precious in the sight of God for the personal faith she held and practiced. Bertha was a participant in Sunday School; always in place for the worship experience of the church; giving a tithe and offering unselfishly; active in United Methodist Women; one whose personal prayer life deepened with the years; and one who always spoke with love.
Bertha Squyres has quietly laid claim to her firm belief that everlasting life would come to those who wait quietly for the Lord. We are a better people because she came our way.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1990; p. 232 By Donald J. Hall

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