Howell, Jessie R. (Mrs. Halleys C.)


Mrs. Jessie R. Howell was born February 23, 1915, in Pikeville, Kentucky, a daughter of William and Melissa Bell Sturgill Rogers. She was preceded in death by her husband of fifty-five years, The Rev. Halleys C. Howell, on January 4, 1990.
Jessie and Halleys Howell had an outstanding ministry in the Kentucky Conference, be-ing recognized with the coveted “Pastor of the Year” designation for the Conference in the 1959-60 Conference year. This honor followed their work in literally bringing back to life a congregation that was down to meeting occasionally in a private home in Frenchburg, Kentucky. In the early 1960s Jessie and Halleys transferred into the Louisiana Conference, where they served until his retirement. Their ministry touched many lives in eight appointments throughout Louisiana. It was my happy privilege to be their District Superintendent as they served the Baker Church in the Baton Rouge District, and to know them as warm friends and dedicated colleagues. It was an honor to be allowed to write the memoir for Halleys a year ago, and to repeat the privilege for Jessie at this time.
In addition to her parsonage life and church responsibilities, Jessie Howell also was employed by and retired from the Woolco Department Store chain. Her energy and ability were spent in producing and caring for her family, and serving her God with a warm heart. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Janice H. Metcalf of Clinton, Maryland; two granddaughters and two great-granddaughters. It is beautiful to know that the family began to expect the second great-granddaughter just shortly after Halley’s death, and that little Lauren Nicole Chriest was born the day after Jessie’s funeral service. Death is truly swallowed up in victory when we see new life follow to replace those who precede us in entering God’s planned immortality.
Jessie’s devoted care for Halleys in his illness during the last ten years of his life indi-cates the joy that they must now know as they celebrate life that shall endless be without illness or limit. She died September 14, 1990, and was buried in Forest Memorial Park near Milton, West Virginia, beside her beloved Halleys. We praise and thank God for her life on this earth and her entry into eternity.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1991, p. 240 By L McGuire

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