Taylor, Robert Spencer


In March 1992, Robert S. Taylor fell into that dreamless sleep that kisses eyelids still. While yet in love with life and raptured with the world, he passed on to silence. March 30, 1992 a service celebrating the life of Robert S. Taylor was held at First Street United Methodist Church where he served as associate pastor for the past several years.
Jesus taught that the measure of true greatness is found in service. Robert S. Taylor was a faithful servant.
When we come to the end of life and look back upon how we have spent our days, the important thing, as Robert discovered, is not the power we have gained, the reputation we have achieved or the property we have accumulated. The essence of years lived is measured by service rendered.
This dear friend and man of God loved his dear wife, Evelyn and his daughter, Margaret T. Norris, strongly and devotedly. He and Mrs. Taylor moved from Alexandria to be with their daughter in New Orleans, where he remained until God summoned him to his eternal home. He loved his Christ and the church with a strong commitment. He saw in the United Methodist Church through his ministry the means whereby he could be an extension and visible presence of Christ on earth. When he retired, he could have stopped his ministerial service, but he did not. Robert loved people and felt comfortable being a servant and a shepherd to whatever generation he served. This writer can attest to how restless he was the last few months of his life when ill health prevented him from being able to help me more. I remember his words to me when he talked to me in the hospital and said to me, “Abe, I feel badly because I could not do more to help you these past months.” But he had been helpful. He had done more through his intangible qualities of courage and faith.
We remember now and honor a lifetime of service; time spent in “giving, rather than getting.” He has entered into the joy of the Lord.”
Robert S. Taylor was a man who found freedom in Christ and to be unable to exercise such freedom because of illness, he faced the release God gave through death. In his departing from earthly restraints he moves on to greater service.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference 1992, p. 226 By Abraham E. Davis

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