Grant, Robert Roy


Roy Grant was born in Eros, La., in 1907. He reached the age of twenty-one and on April 28, 1928, married Anna McGee. Their marriage produced a son, Robert B. Grant. He was ordained a Deacon in the Louisiana Conference in 1951, and Elder in 1953. He completed the requirements and became an Associate member of the Conference. Roy and Anna served five churches on the Choudrant charge and then in successive appointments served Bernice and Ringgold, organized the Faith Church in Ruston and then the Dubach charge before retiring in 1975.
In celebrating the life and ministry of Roy Grant, one must recall the effectiveness of his preaching. This was attested by the number of times he was sought to preach revivals in many and varied congregations. His pastoral heart reached out to people in every circumstance in life, and he probably was requested to conduct as many funeral services as any minister in the connection. Dedication to ministry consumed the life of Roy Grant, and he pursued his call as long a physical strength allowed. His life and work made Christianity real to countless people to whom other ministers were not able to communicate. Genuine love people, warmth of spirit and an unshakable faith in God characterized the living of his every day.
My personal association with Roy Grant crosses more than sixty years. He was literally my idol as a boy. He was my neighbor when he was a Choudrant and I in Downsville. He was my faithful helper in revivals in at least three of my congregations at various time. He was my friend through the decades, and he honored me beyond deserving when he directed that I should conduct the memorial service at the time of his death. This service I conducted on November 18, 1992, in his well-loved West Monroe. Anna, Robert and I commend him to God through the Christ in whose holy name he lived and moved and served for some forty-five years. In the of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. AMEN.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1993; p. 231 By Dr. Douglas L. McGuire

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