Conerly, Abe M.


Not all ministers decide for the ministry early in life. Abe decided later, pursuing other professions earlier. For a while he was the owner of a restaurant and an auto parts salesman, then he decided for the ministry.
Abe did not decide to take a short-cut into ministry. He took the training necessary including going to Southern Methodist University where he took the courses of study to be an effective United Methodist minister. Abe began serving his home church, the small Holly Grove congregation. Here he was a minister to family and friends going back to childhood.
It must be said early on that family plays a large part in a man becoming a minister after
he is well located in another vocation. Abe could not have been more fortunate. Melonea supported him in every way. It takes a lot of genuine religion to answer the call of someone else. Melonea did not feel the call to the ministry but Abe did and strongly. However, Melonea stood behind all the way and willingly took whatever hardships came along with the job.
During the years of Abe’s ministry, he served all types of churches. Some of his works were tiny and discouraging. Some were fine and satisfying, such as Oakdale, Crowley and Calhoun. When he came to the end of his journey, he was serving Provencal and Weaver.
One night when he and his beloved wife were alone at their little retirement home,
the Angels came and took Abe away. We miss him so much. Abe had become a very able preacher and his spirit was unmatched anywhere. I am sure he heard his Lord say, “Well done thou good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in little things. I am going to make you ruler over great things. Enter into the joy of thy Lord.” .
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1993; p. 227 By Dr. Jolly B. Harper

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