MacDonald, Donald E.


The following letters were written by my two young daughters to a local radio station many years ago….
“Wy My Father Should Be Chosen As Father of The Year:
I think my father should be chosen as Father of the Year because he’s nice to us! He loves us! He loves our pets! He gives us stuff we want! He does not steal! He does not lie! He trys very hard to make us happy! He works hard to make money for us to have nice things! He makes us work but we know its good for us! We love him very much!!!”
by Heather MacDonald (7 years old)
“My stepfather is better than most real fathers. He gives us things we really want. Like the time we found an abandoned cat in our car. My mother would not let us keep it, but my father did. Every holiday he will take us out to get presents. He yells at us sometimes but we know we need it and that he still loves us. He jokes and laughs with us. I like to listen to his storys. My dad has a favorite chair. My cat had her kitten on it on Easter Sunday morning. He made a bed for them. My cat hurt her foot before she had her kittens and my dad took care of her. He calls her his little girl and that’s why dad should be chosen Father of the Year. We know he is the best because we picked him.” by Stacie MacDonald (11 years old)
Eighteen years have passed since those letters were written. Since that time, Don loved and guided my three children in their lives making them educated, self-sufficient, sensitive and caring adults. Don’s life was dedicated to his family, but more than that, he felt that because of his educational background and work experiences, he owed the world the knowledge he had gained.
He felt that his 50 years of being a Christian connected with the church had given him the expertise needed to meet the need he would encounter in the church community. It was his feeling that the quality years spent would help make up for the quantity of years, and that he did!
Donald MacDonald was chosen by three loving children and myself as he, in turn was chosen again, this time by the Lord.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1993; p. 234 By Mrs. Donald J. MacDonald

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