Hudson, Shirley Doucet (Mrs. Howard L.)


Shirley was born March 27, 1936, in Kaplan, Louisiana. She was the youngest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Ned Doucet. Two of her sisters and three brothers live in South Louisiana.
She was an avid fisherman and dearly loved it. She discovered her best hobbies late in life. It was after 1988 that she began to make porcelain dolls with a passion. She loved to get a group of church ladies together to work on dolls. Her dolls are scattered over several states.
Then she took her first art lesson and found that she had a gift that was much fun. She painted all types of scenes and flowers both imagined and real. Shirley loved to depict the humorous. She painted a lovely swamp camp with an alligator sitting outside playing his guitar wearing cowboy boots with spurs.
She had always said that arts and crafts are good for all ages, but especially good therapy for those considered terminally ill.
In August, 1993, Shirley was diagnosed with colon cancer. On September 26, 1993, she went to our Father’s House.
On September 28, 1993, a service of death and resurrection celebrating the life and faith of Shirley Doucet Hudson was held at Asbury United Methodist Church in Lafayette where her husband, Howard, had been the first pastor. Dr. Carole Cotton-Winn and Rev. Robert L. Burgess gave the witness with beautiful music and singing by Mrs. Pattye Robertson and Mr. Lee Cooke.
On May 14 and 15, 1994, the first annual Shirley Doucet Hudson memorial Arts Festival was held at Asbury United Methodist Church under the direction of Mr. Lee Cooke.
Shirley is survived by her husband, Rev. Howard L. Hudson, Jr., Golden Meadow, Louisiana, a son, Howard Timothy Hudson, two daughters, Rebecca Rene Hudson and Gwendolyn Hudson Lemmons, and two grandsons, Clayton Hunter Lemmons and Lance Colton Lemmons, all of Houston. Another daughter, Rachel Dawn Hudson lives in Lafayette.
Shirley’s friendly smile and winsome spirit will be missed by her family and friends. Our loss is heaven’s gain.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference 1994, p. 252 By Rev. Howard L. Hudson

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