Addison, Robert J. "Bobby"


The Rev. Robert Addison died on Saturday, August 21, 1993 at his home in Monroe. The world lost a good man, the Louisiana Conference lost a faithful servant, Monroe and Bastrop lost a gentle prophet, and St. James and Mt. Olive United Methodist Churches lost a loving pastor.
Bobby was born September 21, 1949, in Chicago, Illinois to Bessie Butler Addison and James Addison. His father died young, leaving the child-rearing to Bobby’s mother. The strong influences in his life included Mr. John Beaver, with whom he shared a home at the time of his death, Rev. A. E. Franklin and Rev. Robert Murray, former pastors in Monroe.
Bobby served as pastor of the Mt. Nebo and Lawson Chapel charge, associate to Rev. Murray at the St. Paul Church and finally as pastor of the St. James and Mt. Olive charge at the time of his death. He was able at St. James, his home church, to overcome the ancient word: “A prophet is not without honor save in his own home…”
I have been friends with Bob since 1969 and found his life a blessing. Bob was not the front person in social change, but his life was lived as if “Christ has broken down the walls of hostility…” In 1970, Bob and I visited Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. While there, we met several Black students from that area who helped give Bob a new understanding of what it meant to be Black and a new esteem in being who he was – A Black man. Bob believed that “God hath made of one blood all people.” He was always a man of faith. This dominated his life and was readily apparent to all those with whom he had contact.
Bobby had few relatives, only some distant cousins. He had a large family of friends who loved him. Bobby is dead. We who remain have the privilege of continuing his preaching of love, compassion and equality and of allowing the love of Christ to rule lives.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference 1994, p. 247 By Rev. James E. Wilson

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