Sherman,Jr., George H.


George H. Sherman, Jr., was born December 11, 1922 in Haynesville, Louisiana and died at the age of 72 at Schumpert Medical Center in Shreveport, Louisiana.
He was active in the Conference including work on the Board of Ministry, Camping, and Disaster Committees, and his favorite place to be – Harvest of Hope. The real George of our family, however, loved people, all kinds, especially children.
The following article was written by a twelve-year-old girl, Julie Taylor. Her article says it all! She chose her own subject and wrote this by herself in a writing contest at Junior High in Haynesville.

George Sherman
George Sherman was a good man. He loved the town of Haynesville, Louisiana. George would think of Haynesville as Heaven. Mr. George liked to do tricks, and he had a truck that made funny sounds. He would sneak up on you and blow the horn. It would scare you if you did not know him. But if you did know him you would laugh hard.
Most everyone knew him that lived in Haynesville. George went to church every Sunday, and children would ask for a piece of candy, and he would give them a pepper-mint.
One day he was on his tractor, happy as he could be, and about two days later he was sick. He went to the doctor and the doctor put him in the hospital. He was really sick. He had several tumors. His family stayed with him at the hospital for a long time.
After four days, I went to see him. At first he did not know me. Then he was smiling. I knew he recognized me. I started to cry, and he hugged my neck. Then I had to go, so he gave me a kiss. I said “good bye.”
He died two days later, so that was the last time I saw him. At his funeral they laid a piece of peppermint candy on every seat. At the end of the funeral I got a bulletin that told all about him. I rolled the paper up, and put my ring around it. I haven’t taken it off. I won’t take it off.
I would like to hug his neck one more time. If I could hold on to him one more time, I would not let go. I love him so much. He was like my best friend. His wife and family loved him, too. I love George Sherman very, very, very much. I will always miss him.
Julie Taylor, March 10, 1995, age 12
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1995; p. 256 By The family of George Sherman

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