Shaw, William B. "Jack"


William B. “Jack” Shaw was born on May 10, 1917, near Atlanta, Louisiana. Jack, as he was known, answered the call to preach in 1938, and went to Westminster Junior College in Tehuacana, Texas. While at Westminster, Jack was called upon to fill in for a sick pastor in a nearby town. It was this service of the Lord that would lead Jack to meet Margie Seward. They would marry in September of 1939. The Lord blessed this marriage of 54 years with four children, 14 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.
After Jack completed his studies at Westminster he went to Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, and then to Perkins School of Theology where he graduated in 1951. He served many churches in the Central Texas Conference while attending to his studies, and would make many return trips to the area for reunions and other events. It was a part of his life that he cherished.
In the years following 1947, Jack served various churches in the Louisiana Conference. He began his service to the conference at the Clay-Ansley Circuit. He would later serve Gibsland, Greenwood, Summer Grove, Cotton Valley, Lakeview in Minden, Newellton, Second Church-New Orleans, Mer Rouge, Gueydan, Chatham, and Eros where he retired. It was in 1973, in Chatham, at the age of 10, that I came to know Brother Jack. My life would be forever changed.
Having grown up under the pastoral guidance of Brother Jack, I am able to say I know what service to the Lord means. It means serving the Lord whatever the cost, because that is the example Brother Jack left me. It means loving just as Christ loved, regardless of circumstance, because that is the example Brother Jack gave me. And it means joy and peace through Christ, even in the midst of trial, because that is what Brother Jack showed me. Yes, to me, and also to everyone else he served so faithfully.
But Brother Jack was even further blessed of the Lord, for his ministry included the beautiful gift of music. Countless are those who listened with appreciation to the magnificent tenor voice as Brother Jack lifted his praises to the King of Kings. Now he sings with the angels, and the music is even more beautiful. Envision the day if you can, when we shall all gather round the Throne and join Brother Jack once again for a verse of “Amazing Grace.”
Perhaps the greatest example of the calling God had on Brother Jack’s life was as he lay motionless on his hospital bed after suffering from the debilitating stroke in April of 1993. As Brother Jack prayed, his devotion was evident as he told the Lord how overjoyed he was at having the opportunity to preach again. That opportunity never came on this side. But boy, did it ever come!
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference 1994, p. 258 By Rev. Lynn T. Malone

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