Pollar, Sr., Alfred


It was February 1971 when I first met Alfred at a District Conference at my home church when Dr. Robert Harrington gave me the honor of being the preacher for that event. Little did I know I would meet with him again in June as he was turning over the records and keys to People Church, following an interim assignment as pastor there while he was serving as Administrator at Lafon Home. That was the beginning of a long, strong, and loyal friendship that we enjoyed until his death on September 29, 1994 at Duluth, Georgia.
Alfred was born October 1, 1927 in New Orleans, LA. to Henry and Isabelle Pollar. He heard the call of God to ordained ministry while at First Street Church in New Orleans during the pastorage of Rev. J. W. Bowen. It was Bishop J. W. Bowen who would later ordain Alfred and appoint him to Lawrenceville, Georgia, his first appointment in 1958.
While serving the Lawrenceville Charge, he met the charming Miss Barbara Walker and on August 19, 1962 they were married. One son, Alfred, Jr., was born to this union.
Following his service at the Palen Charge in Georgia, he returned home to New Orleans in 1969 to be the Administrator of the Lafon Home. There are only a few people that know the full story, but allow me to say, that but for the untiring work, efforts, and endeavor of Alfred, Lafon Home would have closed. It was Alfred and Charles Kellogg of the Health and Welfare Division, General Board of Global Ministries, who secured the major grant from the Kendall Fund that was the basic support in building the new facilities.
After leaving Lafon Home, Alfred served the Phillips-Shaw, Peoples community Center, and Wesley Charges.
Often misunderstood or taken lightly, Alfred always had the best interest of the church at heart. He had a genuine love and respect for all people. He was always willing to share, listen, and show compassion and concern. His faith, devotion, and commitment were remembered by his family and friends on October 3, 1994 at First United Methodist Church, Norcross Georgia at service of worship and celebration of his life.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1995; p. 255 By Donald Avery

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