Milton, Mamie E. (Mrs. W.D.)


Mamie Milton was born July 10, 1905 and died July 18, 1994. She came to the end of her life, as it was said of Abraham, “Old and full of years.”
Certainly Mamie Milton’s life was “full of years.’ The fullness is seen in her many years as wife of the Rev. W. D. Milton with whom she shared the glories and vigors of ministry. Never was there a more suited helpmate. She was a person of love and sensibility and often exhibited a great strength of will.
Mamie Milton’s life was full of her family. John D. and Spiller, her two children, were never out of her heart. As grandchildren came along they became central to her love and conversation. She never hid the fact that they were the joys of her life.
Mamie Milton’s life was full of positive expectations from life. This.of course, came from her personal faith and her understanding of the possibilities of life. Even when she was “old of years” she exhibited a fastidiousness about her person and dress that showed her grace and charm.
For many of us who knew her, life will not be the same. It will be better! Better because we knew her and felt the goodness of her person. And it is better because she is with her “DeWitt” in the Father’s House which gives us joy.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1995; p. 264 By Joe W . McClain

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