McVay, Ida Jane (Mrs. George A.)


The scriptures ask the question, who can find a virtuous woman? When one thinks of Jane McVay, the positive adjectives surface as we think of one who exhibited so many positive attributes. Jane was a faithful and caring mother to a wonderful son and daughter, a typical grandmother and a loving and faithful wife to her husband, Rev. George McVay. Jane was one of those kinds of persons who remained your friend, it didn’t matter what she might have heard about you. Her caring and gentle spirit was an attribute not to go unnoticed. She offered her time and talent to whomever, leaving one with the impression, she was placed on earth by the God she loved, to serve others with a selfless attitude. Jane was not only attractive physically. she was attractive in her personality. No one knew better than Jane that physical attractiveness was of little value unless it was accompanied by a contagious spirit that was also attractive. Jane seemed to have set the mood for others and was always willing to give up her time for the sake of someone else.
One of the moving stories I remember about Jane was when she heard the custodian at their church was getting married and no reception was planned. She saw that a cake was baked and punch was made for she wanted him to feel and to know that he was not just a custodian. He and his wife-to-be were really somebody.
In the days when her illness became a real burden, she managed to smile, continued to make family trips and shared her congenial attitude.
Our lives are richer because Jane McVay came our way. Thanks be to God,
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, p. 280, By Jimmie D. Pyles, D.S., Ruston District

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