Corry, Gertrude Moore (Mrs. George H.)


Mrs. Gertrude Moore Corry was born in Bienville Parish on February 28, 1903, the daughter of Andrew Jackson Moore and his wife, Dada Coleman Moore. Gertrude was the first of five girls in the Moore family and assumed heavy responsibilities with her mother when the father was disabled at a relatively early age. Mother and daughters survived and took care of the husband and father by raising much of their food and by small jobs that any of them could secure. Indicative of the strength and abilities of the eldest daughter is the fact that Gertrude became Post Mistress at Joyce, La., and could help to support the family with her earnings.
In 1926 Gertrude met and married the Rev. G. H. Corry. During the 59 years of that marriage they served Methodist congregations over Louisiana, produced two sons, Glen and Coleman, and Gertrude continued her remarkable contributions in every way. She achieved her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, played the piano in the worship services of their churches, taught Sunday School and shared in the women’s work of churches. She taught in public school primary grades and even designed an abacus-like device for teaching arithmetic to young pupils. She developed a love and talent for painting and added to the beauty and meaning of worship areas by her talent. Her Moore grandparents gave the land on which the old Union Church stands today on the highway between Arcadia and Jonesboro, and the hanging mural behind the baptistry is a painting from the hand of Gertrude Carry.
Her 92 years of life were dedicated to her family, her church and the processes of education and development. We may well celebrate her completed life with a fresh commitment to live the standards and values which we gratefully memorialize in her today. Thanks be to God for the life and love that she shared with so many in the length of her days.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, p. 275, By Rev. Douglas L. McGuire

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