Peterson, Betty May Fontenot (Mrs. Robert W.)


BETTY MAY FONTENOT was born on May 15. 1929. She was born and raised in Lake Charles, where she attended LaGrange High School.
Betty married Rev. Robert W Peterson 42 years ago. Together, they raised two wonderful children, a son, Rick, who married Dolores and serves as a sergeant on the Lafayette Police Department, and a daughter, Renee who married John H. Bolin.
Together, side by side, Betty and Bob served United Methodist Churches in New Mexico and Texas and United Methodist Churches across our state. They were a real team in ministry to all the communities where they lived.
Betty will be missed deeply by her husband. her children and children-in-law; her grandsons Thomas Peterson, Tony Peterson and Landon Murray; her granddaughters Christina Peterson and Miranda Bolin; her three sisters, Bessee Duhon of Grand Lake, Eloise Hebert of Big Lake and Beatrice Hebert of Lake Charles; her three brothers, Leroy, J. R. (Bobby) and James (Jimmy) Fontenot, all of Lake Charles; and her many loving friends.
The following portrayal was written by Larry Mann, a dear friend of Betty’s.

An Angel Came to Earth
An Angel Came to earth one day. She wanted to experience life as a mortal human, and took the form of a woman. She lived, grew and mingled among many people. Her deception, however, was obvious to many because she could not conceal her angelic nature. She touched people’s lives and her extraordinary power was revealed. Try as she might she couldn’t fool us, we were too smart. We know that you can tell who a person is by the company they keep, and she was always surrounded by angels—a dead giveaway.
Dream vacations to her were trips to the Holy Land rather than Las Vegas or Hawaii. Instead of mansions and diamonds, her wealth was good deeds. Nonsense!
Then there was her husband. She supported and encouraged him to become one of God’s great Ministers—another clue. She would get involved in people’s lives and miracles happened—mortals can’t do that Many problems arose. What about her children? Would they be able to keep the secret that their mother was not a mere mortal? What of the Church? Would it tell that it was served by more than just a Pastor’s wife?
Wherever she went she would reveal her angelic nature by exhibiting knowledge unknown by mortal man—like living her life showing that God is Love, and he who abides in Love abides in God, and God in him. She even spilled divine secrets: such as there being only one Jesus - not a Catholic Jesus, a Methodist Jesus, and so on. She would go around Praising God and asking Him to Bind Us Together. Preposterous! She should have been more careful.
And what about the glimpses of heaven. Wherever she went people would see visions of heavenly wonder, and say, “Surely the Presence of. God is in this Place.”
Today she returned to her place in heaven, surrounded by other angels. Her family and friends feel a great loss now that she is gone. But they realize that she is there waiting for them to talk to her in Prayer and Spirit, as she busies herself helping Jesus make a place for them in his Father’s house.
For two-thirds of a century the angel. Betty May Fontenot Peterson, walked the earth. Someday in the future another angel may come to earth to test us again. Will we be ready?
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, p. 281, By Renee Balm and Larry Maria

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