Fulton, John Ella Wales (Mrs. Raleigh Verner)


John Ella Wales was born June 20, 1897 to John T. and Jewel Lee Wales in the community of Tinus, Louisiana in St. Helena Parish. She grew to adulthood in this area, attending school there until graduation from high school. Miss Ella attended Soule’ Business College in New Orleans and accepted a teaching position in Gillsburg, Mississippi. Later in life, she became an accountant and bookkeeper, continuing in this work until her retirement.
Miss Ella was born into and reared in a Christian environment, faithfully attending her church services all of her life. Her church, family, and friends were of most importance to her at all times. She was a Sunday school teacher, a member of the W.S.C.S and U.M.W. all of her adult life. No one can venture a guess as to the actual time spent in her devotion to the church.
On July 18, 1937, Miss Ella married a Methodist minister she had grown to love, Rev. Raleigh Verner Fulton. For the life they had together, she was a loving and gracious helpmate. In all of their appointments, she gave her care, concern and love to all people. That love was returned by all that knew her. She was a devoted parsonette and delighted in attending their meetings, as well as all the area district and church conferences. This was her life – a good and faithful wife, a friend to all, and a lover of her Lord and his church.
After Rev. Fulton’s death, she continued to live in Clinton, Louisiana and worked as a bookkeeper at Munson’s Gin in Clinton. Miss Ella was blessed with good health and remained active in the church and community until shortly before her death. She was a remarkable lady and remained such until the day of her death, December 23, 1996.
Funeral services were conducted in Clinton by Rev. Tom Logan, Rev. Ralph Ford, and Rev. Charles Cosentino. Miss Ella was buried at the Wales family cemetery in St. Helena Parish.
And now we say good-bye for a little while, Miss Ella – we cherish your memory.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1997; p. 264 By Rev. John H. Casey

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