Williams, Edna York (Mrs. Douglas T.)


Sept. 29, 1925-Oct. 23, 1997
It has been my honor and privilege to be Edna’s pastor for the past eight and one-half years. Edna was born September 29, 1925 in New Orleans, Louisiana and graduated from this earth on October 23, 1997 in West Monroe, Louisiana. Edna was married to Charles Phillips for 21 years. After Charles’ death she married the Rev. Doug Williams. Edna served faithfully with Rev. Williams in a number of appointments in the Louisiana Conference. Together they served Summer Grove in Shreveport, First United Methodist Church, Arcadia-Mt. Moriah, Vidalia United Methodist Church, Reveille-Start, and Golden Meadow-Grand Isle. Edna had great memories of all the people she had come in contact with in each of these churches and loved to share her experiences and memories. She made lasting friendships that continued until her death.
It was her support that made being her pastor such a joy. She not only supported me but all the ministers who preceded me at Asbury. It was her insight into the ministry that made her more than just a church member but a close friend.
Edna loved the Lord and her church. This was seen in her attendance, her financial support, and her willingness to serve wherever she was needed in the church. There were many times Edna would be at church and I knew that she did not feel like being there but she was. She fought a tremendous battle in her illness before she died. There were many times that she lifted me up when I would visit her. I walked away feeling that I had been ministered to. Edna’s family meant so much to her. This was seen in every area of her life. It was an encouragement to see her family rally next to her side in her time of need. Edna was much loved by not only her family but also her many friends as well.
Nursing was a very important part of Edna’s life. Her career began in the middle forties. She saw this field not only as a job but also as a way of service to others. Many who knew her for a long time commented on how Edna was “always” there when you needed her. She was always available to help someone in his or her time of need.
It is hard to replace faithful friends and church members like Edna. I can only hope that her example and influence will inspire each of us to carry on the work that she was such a part of here at Asbury United Methodist Church.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1998; p. 261 By Rev. Johnny Hankins

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