Pomeroy, Lillie Mae (Mrs. George W.)


Aug. 18, 1910-July 21, 1997
Lillie Mae Pomeroy was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on August 28, 1910. Her Father was Eugene McQuaid and her mother was Mary Kleinpeter.
I met Lillie Mae Pomeroy at an Epworth League Assembly at Mansfield, Louisiana in 1926. She was Lillie Mae McQuaid at the time.
In later years she was married to the late Dr. George W. Pomeroy. She was a natural as a minister’s wife, helpful in every way supporting her husband in his ministry.
Lillie Mae was a student, and continued to read and study until shortly before her death. She was concerned with national affairs and issues as well as those of the local community. She was particularly active in the United Methodist Women programs not only in the local church where her husband was the minister, but also on the Conference level as well. Lillie Mae was a sincere and devoted Christian. Her Lord and Savior held her heart and mind captive. It was only natural for her to love the church and assume an active part in its programs.
One is confident that the day she passed away, July 21, 1997, was her day of coronation when she received the heavenly commendation, “Well done, thou faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord."
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1998; p. 257 By Dr. Carl F. Lueg

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