McLean, William Douglas


Sept. 1, 1936-April 21, 1998
“He always had a smile and kind words for everyone.”
“Doug was a person of great personal integrity and enormous spiritual strength.”

The above words were expressed by a student and an Assistant Chancellor at the University of Wisconsin on behalf of Rev. William Douglas McLean whose unexpected death came in April of this year.
I felt somewhat a unique relationship with Doug because he and I grew up together in the little paper mill town of Hodge, Louisiana in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Doug and his family lived “right around the corner from us.” At the time of his death, Doug was Assistant Dean of Students at the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh. Another leader at the University said, “Doug McLean will always be remembered as a man who would sacrifice his time and energy for the best interest of us, his students.”
Doug was at home a few weeks prior to his death and, as always when he came back to his roots, he was seen walking on the streets and over the hills of a little town who helped to instill in him that life consisted of more than what one could hold in their hand. An honorable Christian gentleman has departed from our midst to the Church Triumphant.
Memorial services for Doug were held by the Rev. Brian Yeich, pastor of his home church of Hodge United Methodist on April 28, 1998.

Source: Journal Louisiana Conference 1998, p. 255 By Rev. Jimmie D. Pyles

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