Tippin, Lizzie Darnell (Mrs. Oscar)


Dec. 16, 1927-Jan. 29, 1999
Words cannot express the loss we feel inside. The passing of each day brings us hope that we will meet again on the other side.
On December 16, 1927, a daughter was born to the late Frank and Eva Darnell in the small town of Kossie, Texas. Her birth name was Lizzie Darnell, also known as Little Baby. She was the youngest of five children. Lizzie spent most of her young adult life in Houston, Texas. It was in Texas that she met the man of her dreams. On May 15, 1956, she married Os-car Tippin, Jr. In 1959, Lizzie and Oscar Tippin moved to California, and it was there that their lives began to change. Lizzie accepted Christ and united with the Calvary Baptist Church under the leadership of Rev. H.T. Broadus.
In the early 1960’s cancer took away Lizzie’s chance of bearing children, but it never took away her desire to become a mother. Lizzie believed that any woman could have a baby, but not every woman could be a mother. Her wish of becoming a mother happened in 1966 when she adopted a baby girl named Laurie.
In March 1976, Oscar answered the calling from God and became and ordained min-ister. Lizzie was now the preacher’s wife. This task was just a stepping stone for Lizzie. She handled the task of being a preacher’s wife with style and grace. In May 1977, Oscar decided he was tired of the big city; so he packed up the family and moved to Alden Bridge, Louisiana. It was in this small country town that Lizzie learned of the foster children program. Lizzie thought of the many children that needed a home and someone to love them. This program was just what she wanted.
Her first child was a little boy named Tony. He was an infant when he came to the Tippin’s home. Lizzie took care of him as though he was her own. One day Lizzie was faced with another decision when the State wanted to place Tony in a permanent home. Lizzie had the first opportunity to adopt Tony, but, after she learned that Tony was being given to a family who wanted children but were unable to have any due to medical reasons, she decided to let Tony go. The Lord blessed Lizzie for that decision and allowed her the opportunity to adopt four children: Renee, Tina, Frederick, and Emmanuel. Emmanuel had serious medical problems. Lizzie adopted him and named him Emmanuel because she said that it meant “God with us.” Her love, dedication, and care for her children were that of a real mother.
On January 29, 1999, God decided He wanted to add another angel to His kingdom, so He called Lizzie Darnell Tippin home. Even though she is gone, she will never be forgotten.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1999; p. 268

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