Quaid, Jane Sanders (Mrs. Cleburne)


May 8, 1921-Jan. 19, 1999
Jane Sanders Quaid was a city girl when she met the man who would be her husband. Cleburne was a student at Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University in Dal-las when he won Jane’s hand. She was born in Mobile, Alabama, and grew up in Dallas, Texas. Life in these two premier cities of the Deep South no doubt prepared her with al the social graces needed by the wife of a Methodist Minister. Their life together would take them to the circuits and stations of Louisiana Methodism, as Cleburne answered the call of his ordination to go “where he was sent” and Jane answered the call of her heart to support the man she loved.
They served churches in cities, towns, and the rural areas of Louisiana. Jane was equally at home in fun-loving South Louisiana as she was in the more sober northern part of the state.
Jane’s special ministry included caring for the lives of the two children God blessed her with: Tom, now a cardiologist in Baton Rouge, and Diane, a former flight attendant and now a teacher in Tempe, Arizona. Jane’s ministry grew as eventually six grandchildren came into her life. She is remembered affectionately as the grandmother who introduced her granddaughters to make-up and always had cokes on hand for any thirsty child.
Jane was a physically striking woman, and over the years her beauty seemed to deepen as she and Cleburne moved among the people of their congregations, quietly living their faith and making present the servant love of Christ. the last years of her life were spent near her daughters in Arizona, but her heart was always in Louisiana. She left this life on January 19, 1999, and was laid to rest next to her partner in ministry in the Homer, Louisiana cemetery. A chapter in Louisiana Methodism is marked by the graves of these two special people who were such won-derful examples of the Light of Christ in our world.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1999; p. 267

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