Pinkard, Collins Denny


April 14, 1915-May 3, 1999
Collins Denny Pinkard was born in Milltown, Chambers County, Alabama on April 14, 1915 to Mr. and Mrs. Royal Pinkard. He was the fifth of nine children. He attended elementary school at Milltown and graduated from Chambers County High School in 1933. He attended Southern Union Junior College at Wadley, Alabama. He transferred to the University of Alabama and graduated with an A.B. degree in 1938. He went on to graduate from Drake Bible College of Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.
He was chosen by the General Board of Evangelism of the Methodist Church to make two evangelistic preaching missions to Alaska. At which time, he became acquainted with Bishop Paul Martin. Discovering his evangelistic zeal and his love of rural churches, Bishop Martin invited him to transfer to the Louisiana Annual Conference. He did so and served in the Conference until he retired in 1978. Upon retirement, he returned to Milltown, Alabama. During retirement, he served a number of rural churches in the mountains of Alabama.
One of the joys of his ministry was guiding churches through the process of constructing new facilities. He experienced this in Lottie, at the Meadows Chapel in Prairieville, at Faithful in Gonzales, at LaPlace, Dulac, and Buros as well as others. Another joy was his work with Native Americans. He made an evangelistic mission through the central section of South America. He served in Dulac with the Houma Indians and returned every year thereafter to bring clothes, food, Christmas presents, and sometimes work teams.
He loved God and desired nothing more than to serve Him. Now he serves before God’s throne.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 1997; p. 266 By Dr. Spiller Milton

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