Ensenat, Olga Rivas (Mrs. Henry)


February 19, 1907-1999
Olga Rivas was born February 19, 1907 in Merida Yucatan Mexico. Her father served as the Mayor of Pregresso.
The family moved to New Orleans when Olga was still a young girl. Olga married Henry Ensenant in the early 1930’s. Henry pursued his great ambition to serve society by working hard during the day and going to school whenever he could. Olga was always at his side and made many sacrifices for Henry to pursue his dreams.
Henry graduated from Loyola University, the Baptist Theological Seminary, Centenary College, and from Tulane University School of Law. While practicing law, Henry served as pastor at Berwick, Patterson, Felicity, Redeemer, St. Mark, and LaCombe. Olga actively shared in the ministry and served on various committees and women’s auxiliary groups.
Olga’s eyesight had started to deteriorate, beginning in the 1940’s. It was very gradual until the late 1980’s when she lost her sight completely. This was her greatest challenge and she never showed any weakness. Instead, it strengthened her and her Christian faith throughout it all she kept her zest and joy for life.
Henry died in 1972. Olga worked as a volunteer at Lighthouse for the Blind. She taught several classes in crafts, including Lapidary work resulting in her being sponsored to attend conventions in places like Salt Lake City to demonstrate techniques in polishing gem stones. Olga completely lost her eyesight in the 1980’s. This was her greatest challenge, but she never showed any weakness. Her loss of sight strengthened her faith. Through it all she maintained her zest for life and spirit of servanthood.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, p. 252 By Wilbur Ensenat

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