Dean, Gladys S. (Mrs. Garland, Jr.)


Gladys S. Dean, along with her husband, the late Garland C. Dean, Jr., devoted her life in service through the United Methodist Church. One of her loves was working with the United Methodist Women. She held many jobs in this organization and did them well.
She also loved the plain and simple things in life which was certainly an asset and a great example for the many who got to know her in the churches she and Garland served.
In the twenty-five years that I had known Gladys, I don’t ever recall seeing her that she wasn’t “dressed up.” I never heard her say an unkind word about anyone (another great asset).
Gladys found a sense of joy and pleasure in writing prayers and poetry. Here is a poem and prayer she wrote:

Hebrews 6: 9-20
God reigns o’er all the earth,
Holds out promise of rebirth.

When Easter its blessings unfold,
Is it “springtime in your soul”?

Nature takes on life anew,
Can the same be said of you?

Prayer: Holy Father, our hearts are secure because you reign over all things. In the gift of your Son, we thank you for attaching us to life anew. Amen.

I thank God that I had the privilege of knowing such a gracious lady.

Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, p. 251 By Fane Peeples

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