Campbell, Essie Ruth (Mrs. Fred)


Ruth was born in Avoyelles Parish, and attended nursing college in New Orleans. She got her BS degree at Louisiana College and her M.E.G. degree at Louisiana Tech. She was a social worker in south Louisiana in several places as she followed her husband as he was moved from church to church. She taught school for several years and ended up in Rapides parish.
She was married to Rev. LaGrange and followed him from church to church until he died. Several years later she met Rev. Fred Campbell who had lost his wife earlier, and they got married in Alexandria, Louisiana.
She gave one or more young minister students a scholarship to get them through college and to further their ministry. She was instrumental in securing an organist for the church. After she was unable to stay in her home for health reasons, she donated her house to the First United Methodist Church in Alexandria.
Mrs. Campbell went to church every Sunday that she was able until her final illness. She went to the Louisiana Conference at Shreveport and took part in the same as long as she was able. She was a school teacher with a Master’s Degree and helped lots of young students through the years.
She is loved and missed by her family and friends. She was a dedicated wife, and will be remembered as a lovely, gracious lady who reflected the love of Jesus Christ throughout her life. She held many jobs in the organization and did them well. She and her first husband Rev. LaGrange had a church named after them in Louisiana.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference 2001, p. 250 By Ray L. Durbin

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