Burch, Janie Squyres


Rev. Janie Squyres Burch will be remembered for many things.
Janie will be remembered for her family. She is survived by her husband of 55 years, Sam Burch. She is also survived by her four daughters: Sammie King, Shirley Hoben, Sue Guillory, and Sandra Anderson.
Some will remember her because of her pastor-father, the late Rev. Rex Squyres, a leader in the Louisiana Conference, who emphasized ministry in small, town and country churches.
Some will remember Janie as a teacher: a Special Education schoolteacher; a Sunday School teacher; as well as a Christian teacher in many different settings.
Some will remember her for her joyous participation in the Cursillo movement. She continually strived for spiritual growth and advocated it for all.
Most will remember Janie for her call to ministry through mission work, such as a stay at Red Bird Missionary Conference, work in Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference, Dulac, Sager Brown, Heifer Project International, and with many other Volunteers In Mission work projects. Janie and Sam have served faithfully as Conference Mission Secretaries for the Board of Global Ministries for the 1996-2000 quadrennium.
Many know Janie because she actively sought them to “volunteer” to serve on a mission work team, as well as to give willingly to various special mission needs.
Finally, some of us will remember Rev. Janie Burch for her brief pastoral ministry. She served as pastor of Wesley UMC in Crowley from June 1999 to March 2000. Yet in that time, she helped to bring to life a congregation that was struggling.
Wherever Janie lived and served, the Lord used her to bring hope and joy and love. It has been a privilege to serve under her in missions, to serve over her as pastor, and to serve with her as colleague.
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference 2000, p. 248 By Steven J. Porter

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