Lilly, Margaret Elizabeth


Feb. 15, 1924 - Oct. 30, 2003
Margaret Lilly was born in Badin, North Carolina and grew up in Atlanta. After earning a BFA degree at the University of Georgia, she attended Candler School of Theology, Emory University, and graduated from Garrett Theological Seminary with a Bachelor of Divinity. She served as Director of Christian Education at several Methodist churches throughout the South and worked in mission programs in New York City. She moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to become Director of the YWCA at LSU, and subsequently got a Master of Social Work degree there. She served part time as pastor of the New Roads United Methodist Church. She was well loved for her pastoral care, her vibrant preaching and exciting teaching. She spent the remainder of her career as a social worker for the State of Louisiana.
When not serving under appointment, she was active in the University United Methodist Church in Baton Rouge. Her thoughtful sermons were much appreciated. She was often called upon to teach adult classes in the church and present programs for groups inside and outside the church.
Wherever she lived, she became active in the community theatre. She won many acting awards in the Baton Rouge Little Theatre. After her retirement, she moved to Birmingham where she continued to share her acting talents by participating in plays presented by residents of the Fair Haven United Methodist Retirement Center in Birmingham, Alabama.
She is remembered by a host of friends as a person sensitive to the needs of others, as a prophet advocating justice and peace, as an effective speaker and teacher, as a committed disciple of Jesus, as a caring and gifted pastor, as a superb actress and as a loyal and good friend.

J. Philip Woodland

Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 2004

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