Humphreys, Charles


Jan. 6, 1937 - Sept. 18, 2003
In his retirement valedictory to Conference, Charles appropriated mischievously Luke’s encomium (2:52) about increasing “in wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and man.” He added, stretching up to the mike, “two out of three ain’t bad.”
But the fact is, like his Lord, Charles grew in all three, to the end. We who were lucky to have him as friend, or minister, or neighbor, knew him as a beautiful human being, whose wisdom was pastoral; whose stature--of soul, heart or however Luke meant it--was large as life; who was deeply esteemed, not only by us his people but, we’re sure, by his God, whom he faithfully served all his life.
All of which is true but sounds far too serious. His crack about “two out of three ain’t bad” is more like Charles Humphreys; he had a hilarious sense of humor. It misses, too, the best thing about him: he loved people, he loved life, he loved his Glenda and his family, he loved his Lord…he loved much; that’s what I’ll always remember about him. He loved us all-- and was much loved.
As to his history: he was born in Moultrie, Georgia, a January 6th Epiphany baby, and a twin, in 1937; he was graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University; he was ordained an Elder in 1963. Thereafter, he served the churches of Hammond (twice: they got him back as Senior Pastor), University, Baton Rouge, Gonzales, Wesley-Hackberry, Mansfield-Grand Cane, Springhill-Sarepta, and then Shreveport’s Christ, and Lakeview. He married Glenda (over his head: his words, not mine), and they were blessed with Lauri, Carolyn, and John…and grandchildren Benjamin and Adam. He died three months after his valedictory to Conference, on September 18, 2003. He will be much missed.
But, as he also assured Conference--quoting “another famous churchman!”--“the best of all is, God is with us.”
Donald A. Webb
Source: Journal Louisiana Conference, 2004

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