Emanuel, Sara Maud Grice (Mrs. Percy)


July 14, 1917 - Oct. 29, 2004
Sara was the third of four children born to Rev. Paul Hamilton and Eloise Brinson Grice. Her place of birth was Mentorium, Mississippi. At that time, her father, a Methodist minister in the Mississippi Conference, was serving the Methodist church there. Throughout her childhood and adolescent years, she became well acquainted with waiting for her Dad to come in from Annual Conference to see if a move was in store. (Appointments were read on the last day, and it was then the clergy knew if they were to stay another year or move; not a day ahead, a week or a month before). There were, in fact, eight such moves before Sara graduated from high school.
Sara attended and graduated from State Teachers College (the University of Southern Mississippi) in Hattiesburg with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1939. For a few years, she taught in public school. An introduction by a ministerial student, whom she was dating, to Samuel Percy Emanuel, changed her relationship with what became a “former” boy friend and altered the direction of her teaching career. Six months after Percy graduated from Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta, the two wed; November 12, 1942. One week later, Percy, accompanied by Sara, attended Annual Conference, and was asked by the Bishop during opening session to formally introduce his new bride. He did so, with great pride.
The week of Annual Conference, November, 1942, Percy and Sara were appointed and moved to Clara, Mississippi, where in June, 1944, their first of three children, Sam, was born. In 1945, Percy enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served as a chaplain until after the end of World War II. He, Sara and Sam resided in southern California. In late 1946, the three returned to Mississippi for a short time before transferring to the Louisiana Methodist Conference. Their second son, Bob, was born shortly before this move. From then, until June, 1980, they would serve the Oak Ridge Charge, Grayson/Columbia Heights/Kelly – during which time Carol, their daughter, was born; Lisbon/Arizona; Felicity/Castle Manor and Second/John Wesley in New Orleans; DeRidder-Wesley and Oberlin; Tangipahoa/Pine Ridge/Pine Hill; Elton/Basile; Plain Dealing/Walker’s Chapel; Colfax; Matthews – Memorial/Bayou Blue. Upon retirement in June, 1980, Percy and Sara were privileged to be the first residents of the new Retired Minister’s Home in Plaquemine. Percy preceded Sara in death; passing away on December 28, 1990.
Sara was loved by all and was truly a “help-mate” in every way. She has the distinction of being a preacher’s daughter, a preacher’s wife, a preacher’s mother and mother-in-law, a preacher’s sister and aunt to two more Methodist ministers.
For the last six years of her life, Sara resided in the Live Oak Retirement Community in Shreveport. Upon her death, she was interred with her husband of 48 years, Percy, in the Grace Memorial Mausoleum in Plaquemine, Louisiana.
Upon her arrival in heaven, without a doubt, those who knew her are assured of one of the first things our dear Lord and hers said to her: Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

Rev. Samuel Paul Emanuel

Source: 2005 Journal

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