Crichlow, Doris (Mrs. Robert)


Feb. 1, 1914 - Oct. 30, 2004
On February 1, 1914, there came to the Franklin Family living in Athens, Georgia, a little girl. They named her Doris (later to be called Dorie). The family was active in the Methodist Church. In fact, Dorie’s uncle was Bishop Franklin. At the age of three, Dorie had polio and fought that difficulty the rest of her life. She went to school in Athens attending the University of Georgia there. Later she moved to Atlanta. She met a young theology student attending Candler School of Theology and in 1942 they were married. Bob and Dorie were a special team – loving, serving, sharing, blessing!
They came back to the Louisiana Conference and served churches in New Orleans at Aldersgate and Felicity. In Baton Rouge, they served a small growing congregation. Then in Cajun Country they served at Abbeville and Jennings. They served in Bogalusa, Broadmoor in Shreveport, then at First Church in New Orleans. After a special time in Conference positions – District Superintendent and Conference Treasurer – they went to New Iberia. Bob retired after his ministry there and they moved to Shreveport and into their own home at 802 Camilla Drive. But even in retirement, they served at Summer Grove and Broadmoor. They were so helpful in these ministries!
Dorie is the mother of two children, Carol and Rob. She has two grandsons, Scott and Morris Crichlow. As she grew older, she had to have help in her fight with the old enemy, Polio. At first, she walked with a cane and then needed a wheelchair. She always used her special talents in her labors for her Lord!
She gave book reports, did special programs and was so much a part of her Church. She loved Bob dearly and she loved every Church they served. In all the congregations they served, she made life long friends who kept in touch through the years. In 1997, she became a widow and she left us on October 30, 2004.
A poet, Sam Walter Foss, has written a poem in which he states an ideal –
“Let me live in a house by the side of the road
And be a friend to man.”
Dorie lived in that house by the side of the road and helped so many in so many ways! She used wisely the special talents that God gave! Knowing her brought to our lives joy and blessing!

Ed and Louise Thomas

Source: 2005 Journal

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