Constable, Mildred Joann (Mrs. James)


Dec. 19, 1931 - July 5, 2009

Mildred was born December 19, 1931 in Covington , Louisiana . She died July 5, 2009 . She was reared by her grandfather, Dave Sharpe, and her aunt, Alma Sharpe. She married James Emery Constable on June 13, 1965 .

She had four half sisters and two half brothers. We were cousins, but God saw to it that she would be like a mother to me when I was a child and I would be a daughter to her in her last years.

Her life was greatly enriched because she married Jim and had the privilege of being a pastor's wife. She left behind many good friends in the churches they served.

Elizabeth Spell

Source: Louisiana Conference Journal, 2010

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