Cosentino, Charles



DECEMBER 9, 1943 - APRIL 2, 2012
Charles Cosentino was born December 9, 1943 and departed this world on April 2, 2012. He served in the US Navy from 1962 to 1966, and worked as an Air Traffic Controller. In 1979 Charles Cosentino was given six months to live, but God spared him as he still had work to do. Charles gave his life to Christ in 1982.
He loved the Lord with all his heart and led his children to the Lord. Charles had a wonderful outlook on life and strove to live every minute with joy that was from God’s grace.
Charles is survived by his brothers, Blaise, Richard, and Gerald; his sons, Charles and Jeffrey, five grandchildren and one great grandchild, and a host of other relatives. Charles is truly and greatly missed by his family, especially by his grandson, Abrahm. Now four years old, Abrahm says he feels his grandfather’s presence and makes plans to play with him when his “Grandpa comes back to earth.”
Rev. Charles Cosentino came into ministry late in his life, serving as a Methodist Local Pastor in the Louisiana Conference from 1993. In his short time as Pastor, he served the Pine Grove charge (1 year) and the Greensburg charge (5 years); and was loved by his congregations. He attended Candler School of Theology for Course of Study, while serving his churches. Charles worked diligently in his ministry that he loved until his poor health made it necessary for him to retire too soon.
Charlie Cosentino loved the Lord and all who knew him were blessed to be a part of his life.

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