Leidig, Shela Gambrell (Mrs. Ray)


Dec. 29, 1936 - Aug. 11, 2008

We experience God's grace in many ways in our lives, but so many times we are too caught up in our problems or just life in general to acknowledge when we do. This memoir for Shela is to acknowledge how God graced our lives and her in particular when cancer came calling.

In 2003 she was diagnosed with a cancer which was contained in the lung. The doctor started a vigorous treatment and we started a vigorous prayer time on her behalf. With about two months left in the treatment, the doctor told us that there was no more cancer in the lung, to which Shela replied, "I know." The doctor looked at her and asked how she knew. To which she replied, "You are not the only doctor on this case, and Dr. God already assured me everything was alright." She continued with the treatment protocol as recommended and was eventually released. She remained cancer free for five years, praise God.

Then quietly and silently the cancer returned and slipping under the doctor's radar invaded her whole body. After being unable to successfully treat a diagnosed case of pneumonia, she was admitted to the hospital and after x-rays and other test the cancer was found and a prognosis of six months was given to us. Three days after admittance to the hospital Shela began to experience intense pain in her back. The doctor was unable to help the pain to any degree without the use of morphine which Shela refused because she was allergic to it. On day four of her hospital stay, the doctor talked to me and told me that this cancer was so aggressive Shela had only four days at the most. Shela and I talked over the situation and knew that without God's help two things were a given: one, she was going to be in intense pain or knocked out on drugs, and two, she was not coming home. So, we prayed. We asked God for some relief. If it was His plan for her to stay here, then we just asked God to direct the doctors in her pain management. If it was His will that she leave this earth, we asked for a quick release from this dreaded thing that was ravishing her body. Her doctor came in that evening and said he was going to give her something to help her sleep. He said the medicine was only going to be in her body for six hours and after that time they would re-evaluate what medicines to give. Shela went to sleep and slept for a little over 48 hours until she went home to be with the God of grace on Tuesday morning, August 12, 2008 . Our prayer for you is that you may also come to know and experience the God of grace as we have.

Rev. Raymond H. Leidig, Jr.

Source: Louisiana Conference Journal, 2009

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