Norris, Adele Theresa Washington (Mrs. Leslie P.)


Nov. 12, 1918 - Nov. 2, 2009

As America and other peace-loving nations around the world celebrated the end of World War I, Adele Washington was born on November 12, 1918 to Holace and Willie Dunn Washington in slaughter, Louisiana.

She departed this life on November 2, 2009 in East Point , Georgia . She was predeceased by her husband, father, mother, stepfather, and brother. Mom's father, Holace, died when she was only three years old. Her mother later married Charles Allain of New Orleans and moved to New Orleans with her two children, Emmett and Adele.

Reared Roman Catholic, Mom was educated in the New Orleans Public and Lutheran Schools . Beginning in 1929 and throughout the 1930's, America experienced “the worst of times,” as it was hit by the Great Depression, the worst financial crisis in American history. For Mom, too, the 30's were the “worst of times.” She also experienced the “best of times” in the 30's. In 1935 she graduated from McDonogh No. 35 High School. In 1936 she married Leslie P. Norris, a sawmill employee of Bogalusa , Louisiana . In 1937 she became a Methodist minister's wife, when her husband answered the call to Christian ministry. For Mom, indeed, the 30's were “ the best of times and the worst of time.

From the late 30's to the early 60's, the Norrises gave faithful, humble, steadfast and effective leadership and service to churches in Varnado, Mandeville, Franklinton, Monroe , New Iberia , and Baton Rouge . The most prolonged leadership and service were given in Baton Rouge , as the Norrises served four years at Camphor Methodist Church and seven years at Neely Methodist Church.

Mom prioritized church, home and school. Regular attendance at church and school was a necessity for the Norris family. She and her family labored assiduously for Christ and His Church. She gave loving and untiring service as fundraiser, youth counselor, member of the choir and Women's Society of Christian Service. She served the district as a member of the Minister's Wives.

Mom was a quintessential homemaker. She was a stay-at-home mom. She did not work outside the home until her children were grown and gone. She focused on the home. She meticulously and efficiently managed the family's meager resources. She put the needs of her family above her own and often did without that they might have. She was an expert in taking limited resources and stretching them to fulfill the purpose or need at hand. She knew that home could never be home unless her children received proper nurture, nourishment and care. She never neglected her children. She never let them go without proper food, clothing, guidance and discipline. She lovingly, firmly and unrelentingly disciplined her children. She did not hesitate to discipline them when needed and as needed. She knew the terrible consequences of neglect or failure in discipline. Such adult delinquency often gives rise to juvenile delinquency.

Mom enjoyed good times spent with family and friends. Many family members and friends were drawn to her because of her gregarious and genial manner.

After the death of Rev. L.H.P. Norris, Sr. in 1961 at Neely Church, Mom returned to New Orleans . She joined Grace Methodist Church . She gave strong and steady support to Grace as long as she was physically able. When she became disabled and bedfast, due to arthritis and a terrible fall, she could no long support Grace with her presence and service. However, she continued to support Grace with her prayers, gifts and witness.

After surviving the ravages of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Mom left her uptown New Orleans home of 44 years and relocated to Bonterra Nursing Center in East Point , Georgia , where she made friends with the residents and staff and received excellent Bonterra Nursing Center and familial care. She also received phenomenal spiritual oversight and care via clergy and lay ministry leaders of Cascade United Methodist Church , Atlanta , Georgia , where she was an affiliate member.

Mom maintained her professing church membership at First Grace, New Orleans , where she was funeralized.

Mom leaves to mourn her departure and cherish her memory two sons, Bishop Alfred L. Norris, Sr. of Jonesboro, Georgia and Rev. Dr. Leslie P. Norris, Jr. of Pearland, Texas; two daughters-in-law Dr. Mackie Harper Norris of Jonesboro, Georgia and Roszeta Porter Norris of Pearland, Texas; four grandchildren, Alfred L. Norris, II, of Atlanta, Georgia, Angela Norris Johnson of Dallas, Texas, Leslie P. Norris, III and Wendy P. Norris of Pearland, Texas; a granddaughter-in-law, Lisa Norris of Atlanta, Georgia and a grandson-in-law, Tyrone Johnson of Dallas Texas; four great grandchildren, Alfred L. Norris III and Justin D. Norris of Atlanta, Georgia and Mark D. Johnson and Faith R. Johnson of Dallas, Texas; and an abundance of nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.

Leslie P. Norris, Jr.

Source: Louisiana Conference Journal, 2010

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