Moore, Betty Claire Graham



SEPTEMBER 17, 1930 – APRIL 2, 2011
My mother loved the Lord and people very much. For as long as I could remember, she was always helping others.
She loved helping shut-ins and the elderly. She would talk about people who had no one to talk to, or to share Christmas with. Some said they had not had a Christmas present given to them in years.
She taught me how to listen to people. Everyone needs someone to talk to.
Mom and Dad both taught us how to trust that God would help us when we needed comfort. It is amazing how things work out, when you have faith in God. You don’t always get the answer you want, but you learn to accept His will. After all, the Lord works in mysterious ways!
Family meant a lot to her! She always said that family was always family, no matter what happened. Just as we are all God’s children; God loves us no matter what!
My mom was my best friend; I will miss her dearly.
She always said when you were going through tough times, that there was always someone worse off than you. It made me feel sorry for the others and to pray for them. Also to realize how much I had to be thankful for.
Thank God for my loving parents, who just like God, were always there for me.
Deborah Phillips, Daughter

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