Crofoot, Raymond Melvin



APRIL 1, 1920 – DECEMBER 11, 2010
Raymond Crofoot was born on April 1, 1920, in Medina, Ohio. He went home to be with Jesus on December 11, 2010.
In the early 1940’s after enlisting in the army, Raymond attended a local church where he met Altha, whom he married on January 3, 1943, before going overseas to serve his country. Upon his return home, he worked as a licensed architect for several years before attending and graduating from SMU Perkins School of Theology. His years as a pastor to many beloved congregations had now begun and lasted until 2006 – more than fifty years.
Raymond is survived by Altha, his wife of sixty-seven years; two daughters – Connie and Brenda; seven grandchildren – Kimberly, Lori, Will, Ashley, Thomas, John, and Rosalyn; eleven great-grandchildren – Caroline, Caleb, Sydney, Jeremiah, Clark, McKenzie, Mallory, Savannah, Abram, Clint, and John-Mark.
His seven grandchildren share their memories:
“What a Godly, precious man my D-Daddy is . . . it’s hard for me to say ‘was’ because he is alive in heaven with Jesus, the one place he has forever longed to be. D-Daddy was our rock. He showed each one of us how to love the Lord, how to pray, and how to live by faith.”
“When I was little I heard D-Daddy talk about Jesus, the New Testament, and Paul. I literally thought D-Daddy was dear friends with a man named Paul, was best friends with Jesus and he must have helped Him write the New Testament. D-Daddy led by example. He and Grandmother ended every day on their knees in prayer. He made me want to be a better servant for God.”
“At the end of the day, at the end of your life, it’s simple really; Love and serve God; Love and serve Family; Love and serve each other, the church. D-Daddy loved and served God. He kept his preaching simple – his teachings were from the Bible. He loved and served his family; his love was unconditional. And as a pastor, he loved and served his church.”
“D-Daddy was long suffering in his faith. He always pointed others to Christ, never to himself. The Word was impressed upon his heart. He knew it, he loved it, and he believed every word of it. God’s Word is the standard for living. I got to see that lived out. What a heritage we have! What a clear picture I have of a life lived out fully devoted to serving the Lord!”
“To many he was Bro Ray; to Grandmother – Hun; to Mom and Connie – Daddy; and to the rest of us (including our friends) – D-Daddy. What a privilege to know what it’s like to wake up each morning at their house and enjoy daily devotionals and the Word and to listen to his prayer that God will ‘lead, guide, guard, and direct us’ and that ‘His Holy and Perfect Will be done in our lives in preference to our own.’”
“D-Daddy lived his life one way: to serve others through Jesus Christ. He was an incredible listener. He was loving, giving, and gentle. Thank you for being a living example of what it truly means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.”
“I have a D-Daddy who loves our Heavenly Father with all that he has and has brought many to Christ, whose legacy will continue to do so, and who has taught me to be a disciple through his life – not by just his words.”
“We will miss D-Daddy, a most humble servant of God, for the rest of our earthly lives. We love you ‘so very much.’”

Altha Crofoot

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