Obituaries and Memoirs

Waters, Jones Holland
Passed away on February 22, 1858

JONES HOLLAND WATERS 1823-1858   Rev. J. H. Waters was born A. D. 1823. Having the advantages of an early and thorough religious education, he remembered his Creator in the days of his youth, and unto him was ...

Stevenson, William
Passed away on March 05, 1857

WILLIAM STEVENSON 1768-1857   Rev. Wm. Stevenson was born in the State of South Carolina, near a station called Ninety-six (at that time a frontier) on the 4th of October 1768. His parents were Presbyterians, and...

McBride, D.S.
Passed away on January 01, 1857

D.S. MCBRIDE - 1857   Rev. D. S. McBride was transferred from the Memphis Conference to Louisiana in the Fall of 1856. His name was received by the Conference, and he was appointed to the Nachitoches Circuit; but...

Turnley, William H.
Passed away on August 23, 1855

WILLIAM H. TURNLEY 1799-1855   Wm. H. Turnley was born in East Tennessee, in the year 1799. He moved to Alabama in 1825, and was at that time an exhorter in the Methodist E. Church. He was admitted on trial to ...

Childers, R.L.
Passed away on January 01, 1853

R.L. CHILDERS 1827 - 1853     Source: Journal

Paige, H.B.
Passed away on January 01, 1849

H.B. PAIGE - 1849     Source: Journal

Tostrick, William
Passed away on January 01, 1849

WILLIAM TOSTRICK - 1849     Source: Journal

Brown, W.F.
Passed away on January 01, 1848

W.F. BROWN - 1848     Source: Journal

Brumer, Charles
Passed away on January 01, 1848

CHARLES BRUMER - 1848     Source: Journal

Hinds, William
Passed away on January 01, 1848

WILLIAM HINDS - 1848     Source: Journal

Tinder, T.C.
Passed away on January 01, 1848

T.C. TINDER - 1848     Source: Journal

Nolley, Richmond
Passed away on November 25, 1814

RICHMOND NOLLEY 1784 - November 25, 1814   Paper on Richmond Nolley. The saintly, heroic life of Richmond Nolley—the lonely and untimely death, and the time and circumstances connected with it, invest his story ...

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