Obituaries and Memoirs

Bell, Fielding
Passed away on January 01, 1867

Kinnear, David
Passed away on January 01, 1867

Lenz, Leopold
Passed away on January 01, 1867

Faulk, John C.
Passed away on October 10, 1865

JOHN C. FAULK 1834-1865   John Cooper Faulk was born in Monroe, Louisiana, September 16, 1834. He was converted under the ministry of Rev. Samuel Haws, in the fall of 1859, at Jones Chapel, Bon Idee Circuit, and ...

Baldwin, Thomas B.
Passed away on March 09, 1865

THOMAS B. BALDWIN 1834-1865   Thomas B. Baldwin was born in the state of Georgia, and educated at Emory College, under the Presidency of Dr. George F. Pierce. Some ten years since he removed to Louisiana, in 1859...

Whatley, Uriah
Passed away on May 25, 1864

URIAH WHATLEY 1802-1864   Uriah Whatley was born in Catahoula Parish, Territory of Louisiana, January 1st, 1802. He was converted in 1826 and joined the M.E. Church in 1827. He was licensed to exhort by the Rev. ...

Pitts, John C.
Passed away on January 01, 1864

JOHN C. PITTS 1802-1864   John C. Pitts was born in Tennessee, November 7th, 1821. He came to Alabama in his infancy. He was a member of the Alabama Conference one year, and was transferred to the Louisiana ...

Thomasson, M. D.
Passed away on January 01, 1864

Davies, Stephen J.
Passed away on October 10, 1863

STEPHEN J. DAVIES 1815-1863   Stephen J. Davies died at his home in St. Mary’s Parish, La., October 10th, 1863, aged about 48 years. He was born in Wales, and raised in the State of Kentucky. In the winter of ...

McFarland, William J.
Passed away on April 26, 1863

WILLIAM J. MCFARLAND 1827-1863   Rev. Wm. J. McFarland closed his eyes in death in Homer, La., on the 26th day of April 1863, of hemorrhage of the lungs. His last end was peace. He was born in Haywood County, ...

Davis, Moses
Passed away on September 22, 1862

MOSES DAVIS 1806-1862   Rev. Moses Davis was born in South Carolina, January 7, 1806, and died Sept. 22, 1862, aged fifty-six years eight months and fifteen days. He came to Catahoula Parish when only four years ...

McBeath, William
Passed away on January 01, 1861

WILLIAM MCBEATH - 1861     Source: Journal

Randle, R.
Passed away on January 01, 1861

R. RANDLE - 1861     Source: Journal

Hawes, Samuel
Passed away on July 02, 1860

SAMUEL HAWES 1819-1860   Samuel Hawes was a native of East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana. He was born in 1819, and born again in 1840. Shortly after his adoption into the family of God, he heard the voice of the ...

Stegall, Benjamin C.
Passed away on June 10, 1860

BENJAMIN C. STEGALL 1814-1860   Benjamin C. Stegall laid his armor down on the tenth of June 1860, in his forty-sixth year, and bade farewell to the toils and strifes of earth, to wear the victor’s crown and ...

Waters, Jones Holland
Passed away on February 22, 1858

JONES HOLLAND WATERS 1823-1858   Rev. J. H. Waters was born A. D. 1823. Having the advantages of an early and thorough religious education, he remembered his Creator in the days of his youth, and unto him was ...

Stevenson, William
Passed away on March 05, 1857

WILLIAM STEVENSON 1768-1857   Rev. Wm. Stevenson was born in the State of South Carolina, near a station called Ninety-six (at that time a frontier) on the 4th of October 1768. His parents were Presbyterians, and...

McBride, D.S.
Passed away on January 01, 1857

D.S. MCBRIDE - 1857   Rev. D. S. McBride was transferred from the Memphis Conference to Louisiana in the Fall of 1856. His name was received by the Conference, and he was appointed to the Nachitoches Circuit; but...

Turnley, William H.
Passed away on August 23, 1855

WILLIAM H. TURNLEY 1799-1855   Wm. H. Turnley was born in East Tennessee, in the year 1799. He moved to Alabama in 1825, and was at that time an exhorter in the Methodist E. Church. He was admitted on trial to ...

Childers, R.L.
Passed away on January 01, 1853

R.L. CHILDERS 1827 - 1853     Source: Journal

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