Obituaries and Memoirs

Yancey, E.W.
Passed away on February 13, 1897

E.W. Yancey August 20, 1818 - February 13, 1897   Rev. E. W. Yancey was born August 20, 1818, in Cumberland County, Virginia, and died in Catahoula Parish, Louisiana, February 13, (1 think) 1897. He went to ...

Walker, Joseph Burch
Passed away on February 06, 1897

JOSEPH BURCH WALKER, A.M., D.D. January 2, 1817 - February 6, 1897   Rev. Joseph Burch Walker, the son of Joseph Walker and Bartella Powell, was born in Washington City, District of Columbia, January 2, 1817, and ...

Dieffenwierth, Philip H.
Passed away on December 01, 1896

PHILIP H. DIEFFENWIERTH March 12, 1811 - January 1896   Philip H. Dieffenwierth was born in Zinsvieller, Alsace, Department of the Lower Rhine, France, on March 12, 1811,and died near Largo, Florida, December ...

Singletary, Ewell L.
Passed away on June 21, 1895

EWELL L. SINGLETARY 1862 - 1895   Ewell L. Singletary was born in Livingston Parish, Louisiana in 1862, and was reared to manhood near Port Vincent in the same parish. He was converted, and united with the Live ...

Parvin, Robert
Passed away on June 04, 1895

ROBERT PARVIN February 22, 1829 - June 4, 1895   Reverend Robert Parvin was born February 22, 1829, in Hawkins County, Tennessee. He professed religion and joined the Methodist Church in September 1847. He moved ...

Norwood, Noel B.
Passed away on June 03, 1895

NOEL B. NORWOOD November 23, 1845 - June 3, 1895   Reverend Noel B. Norwood was born in St. Helena Parish, Louisiana on November 23, 1845. His early educational advantages were excellent through all the primary ...

Thompson, Cortez
Passed away on January 19, 1894

CORTEZ THOMPSON 1849 - Jan. 19, 1894   Departed this life at his home, near Cypress, La., September l2, 1893. His funeral was attended by his Presiding Eider, Rev. H. J. Wright, and Rev. Daniel Shelby, pastor at ...

Wailes, Albert M.
Passed away on January 01, 1894

ALBERT M. WAILES - 1894   The Committee on Memoirs finds itself unable at this time to furnish to the Conference any reliable data of our deceased brother’s life and labors amongst us. For many years Brother ...

Wright, S.S.
Passed away on January 01, 1894

Greene, George E.
Passed away on July 27, 1893

GEORGE E. GREENE - July 27, 1893   Reverend George E. Greene was born in East Feliciana Parish near Jackson, La., exact date unknown to your Committee. We have no information at hand by which we can determine when...

Yarborough, Presley
Passed away on July 11, 1893

PRESLEY YARBOROUGH - July 11, 1893   A superannuated preacher of the Louisiana Conference departed this life July 11, 1893. He was converted when quite young, and soon began to preach the gospel. He joined this ...

Forest, Charlotte (Mrs. William)
Passed away on June 18, 1893

CHARLOTTE (Mrs. William) FOREST - June 18, 1893   Rev. William Forest, of Camp Parapet, was bereft of his wife, Mrs. Charlotte Forest, who passed to her reward in Heaven, June 18th , 1893. She joined the Church in...

Yarborough, Agnes (Mrs. Presley)
Passed away on February 26, 1893

AGNES (Mrs. Presley) YARBOROUGH - Feb. 26, 1893   Sister Agnes Yarborough, wife of Rev. Presley Yarborough, died Feb. 26th, 1893. She was faithful until death called her to her great reward on High. Source: ...

Johnston, J.F.
Passed away on January 01, 1893

J.F. Johnston - 1893   The Committee has been unable to secure any reliable data as to the birth, either as to place or date, of our Brother J. F. Johnston, and will therefore be compelled to speak of him in a ...

Dunstan, Walter
Passed away on October 08, 1892

WALTER DUNSTAN June 15, 1851 - October 8, 1892   Walter Dunstan was born in England, June 15, 1851, his mother and probably his father, being a communicant of the Church of England. His education was thorough, ...

Medlock, Joseph W.
Passed away on July 01, 1892

JOSEPH W. MEDLOCK January 1848 - July 1892   Reverend J. W. Medlock was born in Putnam County, Georgia, in January, 1848. He came to Louisiana while quite a youth and settled with his grandparents near Minden, ...

Johnson, Levi
Passed away on April 14, 1892

LEVI JOHNSON - April 14, 1892   Another of the honored superannuated fathers of the Louisiana Conference passed to his reward Thursday, April 14, 1892, from his home at Mandeville, Louisiana. Reverend Levi Johnson...

Ross, Anthony
Passed away on April 14, 1892

ANTHONY ROSS Dec. 25, 1805 - April 14, 1892   Reverend Anthony Ross, so long known and honored by our people throughout this State has quit the walks of men and gone to his reward. He was translated to his home in...

Downs, Charles
Passed away on February 17, 1892

CHARLES DOWNS 1810 - Feb. 17, 1892   A superannuated preacher of the Louisiana Conference, Reverend Charles Downs died at Camp Parapet on February 17, 1892, at the age of 82 years. For many years he preached the ...

Murrell, William
Passed away on February 07, 1892

WILLIAM MURRELL 1814 - Feb. 7, 1892   William Murrell was the son of Peter Murrell, who was the master of Rebecca, his mother. He was born about 78 years ago in Georgetown, South Carolina. After the death of his ...

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