Where Angels Dare to Dance

March 20, 2017
An exciting new offering from Just Peace:

Louisiana's own Dr. Craig Gilliam, who works on the staff of the Louisiana Annual Conference, in the area of clergy excellence, together with the Just Peace Network, are offering Craig's latest book Where Angels Dare to Dance as an E-book.

They're also offering a 20% off coupon code at checkout between now and the end of the month: MARCH20

Where Angels Dare to Dance: Anxiety and Conflict in Congregational Life is designed to help clergy, congregations, District Superintendents and other leadership to understand faith communities as emotional systems. It is a resource that offers theory, theology and practical suggestions for deeper awareness of life together and how to deal with anxiety and conflict in congregational life from a systems perspective.

“At JustPeace we have found Where Angels Dare to Dance to be a helpful portal for discovery and self-understanding with congregations and faith communities. I commend it to you as a resource for deeper awareness of our life together and communities as emotional systems.” Stephanie A. Hixon Executive Director, JustPeace

It is now available in PDF, Mobi and ePub formats and downloadable from this website
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