United Methodist Church Christmas Campaign: "Not The Only One"

December 19, 2019
Have you noticed the United Methodist Church Christmas billboards?

If you live in select cities across the nation, including Baton Rouge, you may notice a billboard featuring a manger scene that invites us to 'Find joy together'. 

These billboards are part of a larger advertising campaign entitled, “Not the Only One”. The campaign's goal is simple: help offer encouragement through community.

In Baton Rouge, there are two of the billboards. One of them is located on Interstate 10, westbound, just past the Dalrymple exit. The other is located along Interstate 12, eastbound, just before Airline Highway. 

The billboards are just one of the pieces of media. The campaign also includes videos, one of which can be seen below.

Research continues to emphasize people are experiencing a growing sense of loneliness. In fact, nearly half of Americans feel alone or left out, and it’s taking a mental and physical toll on them.

“The advertisements target those who identify themselves as spiritual, socially conscious and seeking meaning in their lives, but who are not affiliated with a church. Our surveys show that they are craving meaningful relationships,” shares Poonam Patodia—chief marketing officer for United Methodist Communications, the church agency responsible for marketing of the denomination. “We invite them to find love, joy and peace by joining a welcoming community.”

The new ads encourage people to visit a local United Methodist church and share their faith journey with others. They celebrate diversity and promote reaching out to others. They acknowledge that true friendship and love aren’t always easy to find.

The message in the ads is that The United Methodist Church doesn’t have all of the answers. Rather, our belief is that hope and answers can be found when seeking God together. For example, one ad reads: “Life isn’t perfect. You’re not the only one, who feels like the only one. But the people of The United Methodist Church believe that when we open ourselves to God’s love, we can find peace, faith and joy. Let’s find peace together.”

“We have utilized research to identify current issues on which the church is uniquely positioned to meet people’s needs. We felt it was important to focus on the epidemic of loneliness that exists and point people to the strong community that the church provides,” notes Jennifer Rodia – chief communications officer for United Methodist Communications.

“The seeker campaign is an integral part of marketing as it helps those seeking a church community to know that The United Methodist Church is here for them,” adds Patodia. “It also reinforces the church's mission to current members and highlights the importance of their role in sharing the gospel and building disciples.”


If you would like to find a United Methodist Church in your area, use this simple tool known as Find-A-Church to find one near you or a loved one. 

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